SANGUCHES (served in Peruvian french roll)

all sandwiches are served with a choice of hose roasted potatoes with our spicy Aji Escabeche or a side salad with Balsamic vinagrette.

1. BUTIFARRA- $11 house-roasted pork, yam, romaine lettuce, salsa criolla, aji amarillo

2. BUTIFARRA ROYAL- $11.50 house roasted pork. bacon, caramelized onions, fried egg, romaine, shoestring potatoes, house spicy chimichurri, salsa golf

3. POLLO- $11 rotisserie chicken, apple slaw, shoestring potatoes, romaine lettuce, huacatay, salsa golf

4. POLLO, TOCINO, & PALTA- $11.50 rotisserie chicken, bacon, avocado, mozzarella cheese, romaine lettuce, shoestring potatoes, salsa golf, aji amarillo

5. RUMBA PULLED PORK- $11.50 house slow roasted pork, apple slaw, salsa criolla, aji limo, shoestring potatoes

6. PERUANO- $11 yam, avocado, mozzarella cheese, roasted tomato, spinach, huacatay, aji amarillo

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HUACATAY Peruvian black mint pesto with Huacatay, Aji amarillo peppers

SALSA GOLF (mild) mayonnaise, orange juice, ketchup

AJI AMARILLO (medium spice) spicy yellow pepper, aioli

AJI ESCABECHE (spicy) house special Peruvian pepper and herb aioli

AJI LIMO (spicy) limo pepper aioli

CHIMICHURRI (mild) fresh herbs, garlic, Peruvian spices

* Ask for our AJI LIMO PUREE for more fire!



CUP $4.25      BOWL $5.75



All sides are served with aji escabeche

CHOCLO- $5.00 peruvian corn kernels, salsa criolla, feta crumbles

POSTRES (house-made desserts)

ALFAJORES- $2.50 sweet shortbread cookies sandwiched together with a dulce de leche filling and coated with powdered sugar and coconut flakes $10 for pack of five


BEBIDAS (beverages made in-house)

CHICHA MORADA- $2.25 purple corn juice, cloves, cinnamon, pineapple

MARACUYA´– $2.25 Peruvian passion fruit juice

INKA COLA- $1.95 Lemongrass Peruvian soda

PERUVIAN COFFEE- $3 free refills

We also serve a variety of local and other classic beer, South American wine, soda, tea, kambucha, and juice

NEW! Local brews: